Dyno Testing

Let’s test your car and measure:  Horsepower, Torque, Air-Fuel ratios, and have the ability to do OBDII data logging during runs this can let us monitor and record all of your car’s sensor readings during testing.

Dyno Tuning

Rent the dyno by the hour to “tune” your vehicle.  Ask about our perfect shift point determining process…  It may not be where you think!!!  It’s different for every gear.



Service Price
3 Baseline pulls $75.00
Other Services $75.00/hr
By the Hour $75 to Hook Up to Dyno & $65/hr
OBDII Data Logging $20/hr
By the Day $ Call
Groups Welcome $ Call
Wide Band O2 (Unleaded) $5/hr unleaded,
Wide Band O2 (Other Fuel) $10/hr others (lead shortens the life of the sensor).
HP tuner $ Call


Call for an Appointment


Spec Miata Cage, Motor, & Build Services

Please call (417) 880-0916 for details….. 


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