NA and NB wide-body / flared fenders fiberglass body parts, fenders, bumpers, hood, trunk lid, air dam, splitter, etc

While we are not in the bodywork business, we do have molds for NA (89-97) and NB  (99-05) Mazda Miata.   These are “race car” quality.   So expect it to pass the 20-20 rule.   20 feet at 20 mph acceptable looks.   With professional install, body work, and paint, they can be made to look quite nice.   I have included pictures from “out of the mold” to a top of the line install along with some blue “race car prep” pictures.

These parts are perfect for SCCA FP, EP, GTL road racing or SCCA DP, FP, DM, EM, and other solo autocross classes.  Most pictures shown include a 15-10′ wheel with .75″ spacer to give you an ideal of the added width.  These are not tape on flares and you probably shouldn’t order if you are not positive you know what you are ordering.

E-mail for additional details.

NA body parts:

bumper, front-bumper, rear-front fenders-rear fenders-hood-trunk-lic plate cover-air dam-splitter.   Email for details.   individual parts possible.

NB body parts:

front fenders-rear fenders-splitter/air dam.   E-mail for details.   These parts are made to work with the OEM bumpers.   Please note the red car pictures of the 2005 car shown.


1.6 FP Miata img_0698 img_1241 img_1977 img_1979 img_24751 img_28061       img_29721 img_29711 img_2933 img_2932 IMG_1257 IMG_1976